Morón's agricultural producers benefit families in social isolation

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    Productores agrícolas moronenses benefician a familias en aislamiento social

    Thirty families that remain in social isolation, in homes of the Defense Council in the zone 05 in Patria, of the municipality of Morón, were benefited with the sale of agricultural products at home and the discount of 10% of the price, at the initiative of the Credit Cooperative and Services (CCS by its Spanish initials) Ignacio Agramonte.

    The contribution of the cooperative members helps to the feeding of these people and the fulfillment of the sanitary protocols to avoid the contagion and the spread of Covid-19, in a territory that is in the endemic phase, with limited autochthonous transmission and the capital city declared in quarantine since Wednesday, February 10.

    "The bags have meats, fruits and vegetables (cassava, plantain, taro, cucumber, tomato, cabbage and papaya), products to which a price reduction is applied, in relation to those established in our point of sale, located in the highway to the town Patria, where we guarantee the continuity of commercial activities to ensure food for the people, always avoiding abusive and speculative prices, ” Pedro Ángel Lau Rodríguez, a farmer affiliated with the aforementioned CCS and head of the establishment, said.

    Yoel Villavicencio, representative of one of the beneficiary family nuclei, recognized this as "the best care we have had during social isolation", after being declared suspected of suffering from the disease.

    Yoannia López Marrero, another of those favored individuals, expressed her gratitude to the workers of the CCS Ignacio Agramonte for helping isolated families to meet their needs.

    "The initiative is very good, taking into account that we are unable to leave and it is very difficult to acquire food, also due to the scarcity and shortage," Guillermo Soto acknowledges.

    Since the beginning of the pandemic Covid-19 in the territory of Morón, the CCS Ignacio Agramonte, in coordination with the CDZ, has sought to bring agricultural products to families that remain as isolated ones; it has established price reductions for workers in the health sector and makes donations to families with low purchasing power, without reducing sales in its commercial establishment, where the quality of service and hygienic standards are weighted. "We are going to continue with this initiative, as long as circumstances allow it," Lau Rodríguez said.

    The CDZ 05 guarantees other conditions so that the measures foreseen during social isolation are fulfilled, where the sale of food, the establishment of the courier service for the purchase of regulated products and medicines, and medical assistance in households declared in quarantine, are included.

    Ailín González Hernández, member of the CDZ of Patria and general secretary of the Union of Agricultural, Forestry and Tobacco Workers in the municipality of Morón, stressed that “isolated people belong to different age groups and none have manifested health complications so far.

    “Control actions are carried out on isolated family nuclei, through the CDRs, the FMC, and government representatives (presidents of popular councils and delegates of constituencies). All contribute to the vigilance and control of discipline, in circumstances marked by the persistence of behaviors that demonstrate a lack of risk perception. There are many people who are reluctant to stay at home and are inconsistent with the moment we are going through,” the political leader added.