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    The Raúl who lives in all Cubans

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    El Raúl que habita en todos los cubanos

    Thrilling and compelling. This is how he looked again during the opening, work and closing sessions of the 8th Congress of the PCC. Yes, no one had any doubt that the words expressed on April 16, 2021, were the result of the conviction that does not abandon him: “(…) as long as I live I will be ready with my foot on the stirrup to defend the homeland, the Revolution and socialism stronger than ever ”That's him.

     Faithful soldier, admirable disciple of the historical leader he followed, not only because he was linked by blood ties, but because he was sure that he was right and from whom he inherited as a precious asset the determination to never renounce the good dreams. That is why his "Yes, it was possible, yes it can and always will be possible" is also the engine that drives and moves Cubans. With Raúl, as with Fidel, utopias are achievable. It is enough to put discipline, demand, dedication, sacrifice, will.

    He has nothing in common with the lie or the half truth. Wanting to be is a phrase that has to be accompanied by being real, and that lesson we have to learn, to also be better and do things better. Never with show-off words, or triumphalism, but with objectivity, without our optimism being clouded. From that he began to harden himself from the days when he decided to cast his lot with the poor of the earth, like the Martian who never ceases to be.

    El Raúl que habita en todos los cubanos

    How many tests has he overcome? Many. Personally and also in that other extraordinary and complex dimension of leading a country, its destiny, keeping people together, despite the harassment, threats and arbitrariness of an enemy who despises us, because we do not bow our heads to revere him and because we always make it clear that we are not going to negotiate our principles. And so, we all become a little Raúl.

    Today, he turns the age of 90 years old, that mambí who fell in love with one of the most beautiful Cuban women who was born in this land, together with whom he created a family and helped found a country. The same one who hugs and lets himself be hugged by children, as if they had known each other for a lifetime.
    He has done a lot, the one who stays close, like the good father who does not skimp on advice, respecting the son's decisions, because he trusts that the learning has been good. That is why his rest has a different color. He does not stop being aware, as a legendary watchman, whom the country and all of us who love him from the heart, contemplate with pride.