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    Colonial Hotel: honor to the pawned word

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    Hotel Colonial: honor a la palabra empeñada

    With a unique architecture and nestled in a paradisiacal place within the gigantic Eden that is the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, the emblematic Colonial Hotel is presented as an attractive option for travelers residing in Cuba, who arrive through the Cayo Coco international airport, comply your period of isolation in spacious, comfortable rooms with fascinating views.

    Yanay Hernández Morgado, head of the Quality and Customer Service Department, referred to the possibility of providing an optimal accommodation service, as a result of the preventive maintenance actions carried out during the cessation of tourist operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    "In a complex epidemiological context for the world and the country, the quality of the services is guaranteed by the adaptation of the protocols to function as a center for isolating travelers, where safety (including health) and the satisfaction of the clients are combined with the rest of the services contained in the tourist packages ”, he assured.

    To fulfill this task, 184 rooms were arranged, distributed in different blocks in the central area of ​​the hotel (with views of the sea, gardens, freshwater pools and lagoon), marketed at prices of 250.00 and 500 USD, the simple and the double, respectively. In each building, a waitress and a gastronomic clerk are waiting for customer requests.

    Hotel Colonial: honor a la palabra empeñada

    Hernández Morgado explained that the procedures contemplate the brevity, temperature taking and control of physical distancing during check in (reception), in addition to the individualized transfer (in electric cars) to the rooms, where they have the necessary documentation to expand the information provided by the Reception, including what is related to the extra menu services of the Snack Bar and Room Service, 24 hours a day.

    Through the customer helpline, public relations make courtesy calls and maintain exchanges with guests to guide them and find out their level of satisfaction with the offers.

    She, also member of the Board of Directors of the hotel facility, specified that three service hours were defined (breakfast, lunch and dinner), with a directed menu, but designed so that customers do not repeat meals during the seven days of stay and they are satisfied with the portions.

    Yanay emphasized that the hotel has a medical assistance team, activated 24 hours a day and made up of a doctor, a nurse and an epidemiologist, who participate in the receptions to evaluate the health status of the clients, control compliance with the hygienic-sanitary measures and advise the staff of the key areas (Reception, Food and Beverages, Kitchen and Housekeeper) in relation to biosafety protocols.


    Hotel Colonial: honor a la palabra empeñada

    Likewise, special attention is paid to the collection and disposal of solid waste. The essential conditions for handling, transfer and treatment have been created in such a way as to minimize the risks of contracting an infection.

    The person in charge of Quality Management at the Hotel Colonial specified that each area knows its procedures in detail and the workers apply them rigorously to guarantee their safety and that of the clients, however, the requirement is part of the installation routines in such difficult circumstances.

     All the conditions for a reliable operation have been established, including the placement of antibacterial gel dispensers, containers with disinfectant solutions, foot desinfection carpets and guidance signs regarding hygienic-sanitary measures, mainly physical distancing.

    Belonging to the Cubanacán hotel chain, of the Ministry of Tourism, the Colonial Hotel is distinguished by comfort, high specialization in services and good treatment, an expression of the fulfillment of the word promised on November 12, 1993, when the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz summoned them to develop the leisure industry with a high sense of humanism.

    Experienced and new workers assume with pride and responsibility the mission entrusted to face the current epidemiological situation. It is another way of being consistent with the country and honoring the memory of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, whose spirit prevails here, Hernández Morgado said.