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    I want, son, all your days

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    Quiero, hijo, todos tus días


    A day for dad? Why only one, if I want all of them, even those that I will not be able to live in order to love you, take care of you and protect you as the child that you will always be for me. Yes, the child who makes me understand the paternal instincts of his grandfather, always pending, as if I had not grown up, although now the grandchildren monopolize his attention and generate the greatest concerns.

    I want, son, all your days for me, even if tomorrow you lose the innocence that makes you believe that there is a cat on the roof that eats your “food”, when you reject it and I insist that you ingest it, disregarding the pediatrician's recommendations. ("that he eats what he wants and when he wants, do not force him"), because your lack of appetite could be mine, in the same way that your joys and pains also belong to me.

    I want, son, all your days, to live the joy your growth arouses and the scares that your repeated pranks provoke in me, those that sometimes make me lose my patience and unleash a spanking when a scolding at your insistence is not enough. If you knew, it would hurt me more than it would for you, that's why I immediately proceed to hug you and give you a kiss, even if Mom disapproves of such contradictory behaviors.

    I want, son, all your days, to transmit to you the values ​​that I inherited from your grandfather, which are my only and best fortune; to become your compass in transit through a world where Good and Evil fight; to help you be a worthy and just man, as all the parents dream for their descendants. I want, son, all your days, to infect me with your smile and turn it into the impulse and motivation that allow me to face the existing obstacles on the paved road of life; to teach you to walk through the world, with the certainty that later you will lead me, with the same precaution, when I cannot use myself. I want, son, all your days for reasons so simple and extraordinary at the same time, like the kiss that you claim from me every night before going to sleep, in a cry of four letters and two syllables that make me feel happy and blissful.