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    Message to the Ciego de Ávila`s parents from the Deputy Governor of Ciego de Ávila

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    Mensaje de la Vicegobernadora de Ciego de Ávila a los padres avileños

    This will be another day of celebration in which circumstances force us to avoid the usual and genuine manifestations of fellowship and attachment, but it is essential to convey, in addition to congratulations, sincere gratitude to those fighting men, who accompany us day after day.

    From humility, perseverance, and never getting tired, Ciego de Ávila`s parents, like those of the rest of this warrior island, do not let the genuine feeling of knowing they are the architects of their children's lives to be overshadowed. They wake up every day with the certainty that things can be done better for their childs. They are our first and dearest heroes. In their company there is nothing to fear.

    Doctors, nurses, teachers, athletes, artists, engineers, carpenters, scientists, builders, peasants, workers, engineers, architects, journalists, soldiers, self-employed ones, mechanics, leaders, no matter the profession, no matter the work they perform, they are always prepared to offer their understanding, their encouragement, their strength without abandoning the tenderness that makes them immensely essential.

    As parents they act and in that complicity, they are weaving indestructible bonds, which neither distance, nor time, and in many cases physical absence, manage to destroy.

    Recently, the new coronavirus has put the resistance capacity of all humanity to the test, and we are so pride as Cubans when we say that we have proven to be made of a fiber that is difficult to break. Time of battle, which is made more overwhelming by the tricks and cruelties of an imperialist blockade that has not been able to bend us. And so many parents have been in that struggle, setting an example, giving their calm, their ideas, their presence at any time, from any trench. Longing for the warm embrace of the little boy or the little girl, the adolescent or the young, who wait for his smile that announces the necessary "Everything is going well", but without retiring from the place where duty has placed them.

    That those hugs and kisses can multiply and not remain as a symbolic act of the past, depends on everyone. For that reason we have asked and we ask that we take discipline and citizen responsibility as allies and shields, much more now that our Sovereign 02, exceeding the established parameters, ceases to be a candidate, to become a Vaccine, in which the an essential ingredient has been love for Cuba and its people.

    With that same love, we reiterate our congratulations to all the parents of Ciego de Ávila, extending it to all of our country, always proud of their heroic children.

    Ania Rosa Francisco Malde

    Deputy Governor of Ciego de Ávila