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    Who are we?

    Resolution 45 issued by the Provincial Popular Power of Ciego de Ávila, subordinate to the Provincial Administration Council, officially created the Business Group of Commerce of Ciego de Ávila on April 5, 2012. On August 18, 2014, the resolution 597 was issued by the Ministry of Economy and Planning, through which the management, coordination and control functions established in current legislation are put into effect and its social object is modified.

    Duties and rights of consumers

    Consumer rights
    To receive:
    • Products and services that meet the quality requirements.
    • Protection against false or misleading commercial advertising.
    • Products and services with adequate quality-quantity-price relationship.
    • Proof of purchase in the services that require it.
    • The fraction of the currency once the purchase has been made.

    Access to:
    • Satisfy their basic needs with an adequate and timely supply of goods and services.
    • Choose according to needs, wishes and preferences.
    • Information on the requirements to be met in establishments.
    • Possibility of effective compensation, guarantee, compensation and reparation for damages and losses caused.
    • Exchange opinions in decision processes that affect them.
    • Sustainable consumption patterns.
    • Have ways and mechanisms for conflict resolution.
    • Transparent, equitable, non-discriminatory and abusive treatment.

    Duties of consumers
    • Make a fair and objective assessment of your consumer relationships.
    • Inform enough about the characteristics of the products and services before making the purchase.
    • Defend against any dissatisfaction in the act of consumption.
    • Express your concern in a respectful way.
    • Respect the rules and requirements determined in the establishments or by the provider.
    • Contribute so that the environment is not affected, respect nature and protect its resources.