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    There is an active participation of students in community outreach activities, socio-cultural activities and others with social impact, their actions go beyond the university context, so that there is recognition at the province and the country. The tasks that contribute to health prevention, community education and those aimed at environmental protection stand out.

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    • Doctor's and Nurse's offices of the family 394, of which 333 certificates (85.1%) and 58 non-certificates.

    • Three hospitals.

    • Polyclinics 19 (four in the main municipality and 15 municipal), all certified.

    • Four stomatological teaching clinics, all certified.

    • 15 Other units: (a Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, a Provincial Vector Unit, an Entomological Laboratory, five pharmacies, two Maternal Homes, an Electromedicine Workshop and an Electromedicine Department, a Statistical Department, Microbiology laboratory), of which 10 (66.6%) and 5 authorized certificates.

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    The faculty staff is made up of 1045 teachers, 19 of them with the teaching arrangement of assistant Professor (1.35%), 222 teachers are Assistant Professor (15.8%), 505 Assistants (35.9%), 656 Instructors ( 46.6%) and 3 Technical Teaching Assistants (ATD). In the past year, 387 changes in the teaching arrangements were made, 7 for full, 74 for the Associate, 82 Assistants and 224 Instructors. Only 17.15% of the holds a higher teaching arrangement, We have 26 teachers who have the special status of consulting professors (1.85%).

    It has a total of 211 Second Grade specialists, one thousand 157 Masters and only 25 Doctors in Science, there are 14 Doctors in Science training with approved topics. We have 3 enrolled in pre-doctoral training program and 13 who will enroll in November.