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    Provincial Board of Health

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    The Provincial Health Directorate, with subordination to the Provincial Administration Council (PAC) and methodologically to the Ministry of Public Health, is located at 115 Joaquín de Agüero street. Ciego de Ávila municipality.

    Its main managers:

    Director: Dr. Osvaldo Ivañez Gonzalez

    Vice Director of Medical Assistance: Dr. Ismael Gonzalez Santana

    Vice Director General: Lic. Isabel Rodríguez Espinosa

    Vice Economic Director: Lic. Jorge Noa Delgado

    Rector of the Medical Sciencesuniversity: Dr. Ángel Batista Díaz

    Provincial Director of Hygiene and Epidemiology: Dr. Yoel Sifontes Bello

    Population Assistance Contact: Telephone: 3321 6107