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    Province Structure

    The Provincial Directorate of Sports in Ciego de Ávila is divided in a Provincial Directorate and 10 municipal directorates that are subordinated to the Administrative Councils of each territory. In addition, their labour is distributed in 21 areas for practicing diferent sports which serve 66 popular councils. All these organizational units must fulfill and enforce the social order of our institution.

    In order to guarantee its governmental functions, the Provincial Directorate of Sports uses the folowing administrative structure.

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    Work objectives

    • To satisfy the needs of the population, with the increase of the options for the systematic practice of physical-sports-recreational activities in school institutions and the community, aimed at the formation of values and the quality of life of the population.

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    Stadium with Gerardo

    The practice of Physical Sports Activities, Recreation, as well as Physical Culture in a massive way, which must promote a healthy, vigorous and firm citizenship, prepared for the defense of the country; the progress of the homeland and a deep sense of civic duties. They must promote solidarity among the entire Avilanian population and the exaltation of the highest human values. As Martí well said: "Form a man of strong spirit."