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    Construction and Assembly Company

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     Presentation of the entity
    The Construction and Assembly Company of Ciego de Ávila subordinated to the Higher Organization of Construction and Assembly Business Management, belonging to the Ministry of Construction, was created on January 1rst, 2014, with an independent legal personality, its own assets and operates under the principles of self-financing. It is located on Main street, North circular route.

    The new entity arises from Resolution 504 of the Ministry of Construction dated December 30th, 2013, which approved the merger of the Companies, Engineering Services of Ciego de Ávila, Building contractor of Architectural Works number 45, Industrial Production of Ciego de Ávila, Service to workers of Ciego de Ávila, as well as the Higher Organization of Business Management called the Construction Business Group of Ciego de Ávila, in the Construction Company of Engineering Works number 27, hereinafter Construction Company and Assembly of Ciego de Ávila, commercially known as AVILCON.

    Learn about the mission, vision, corporate purpose, and CONAVIL's Integrated Management Policy.

    Our mission is to provide civil construction and assembly services, as well as to produce and market high quality precast concrete, asphalt and hydraulic concrete elements to satisfy the market construction demand; having a group of qualified workers committed to the organization.

    Our Vision is to consolidate ourselves as an efficient and effective company, highly recognized for our services and innovation management, implementing high constructive standards, capable of satisfying the highest requirements and demands of the market.

    Social object

    Our social object is to provide civil construction and assembly services for new works, buildings and facilities; demolition, dismantling, remodeling, restoration, reconstruction and renovation of buildings, existing buildings, facilities and other existing objectives, and construction repair and maintenance. Produce and market precast concrete elements, asphalt and hydraulic concretes, mortars and other construction materials and products for construction.


    Construction and Assembly Company of Ciego de Ávila provides civil construction and assembly services for all types of works, produces asphalt and hydraulic concretes, precast elements and other construction products, safely, reliably and efficient way, assuming the commitment to implement and maintain an Integrated Management System to achieve customer satisfaction with the effective participation of all members of the organization and relevant stakeholders.

    The foundations that give life to our Integrated Management Policy are:

    1. Continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System, and the services provided.
    2. Comply with the technical specifications, legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the works and activities carried out by our company and other commitments to which the organization subscribes.
    3. Compliance with the requirements established in NC-ISO 9001, NC-ISO 14001, NC-18001, NC-3001 in its current versions and Resolution 60/2011 approved by the General Comptroller of the Republic.
    4. The care and preservation of the environment, guaranteed by a comprehensive management of the hazardous waste generated and the demand for the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity in our activities, with the prevention of pollution and the improvement of environmental performance to contribute to the sustainable development of society.
    5. The commitment to safety and health at work, guaranteed by physical-mental stability and safe conditions for each performance, with preventive requirements for the elimination of incidents and professional diseases.
    6. Identify, control and reduce the fundamental risks of each process and the possible causes and conditions that cause it.
    7. Provide personnel with the necessary knowledge, capacities and values, in order to promote training, competencies and the upward development of human capital.
    8. Exercise professional, active and consistent leadership in the sector, being a reference in the market.

    This policy serves as a framework for the establishment of objectives, goals and programs at all levels and functions of the organization, it is communicated, understood and reviewed for its continuous adaptation and is available at public´s disposition.