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    General Goals


    To provide technical and advisory services to the population, as well as execute the technical assurance of the Housing Investor Program to satisfy the housing needs and improve the habitat. To create a space for technical exchange with other organizations, within an institutional framework that develops and implements actions for the development of Housing Architecture and its Urban equipment, enhancing design solutions, the use and exploitation of the land.


    To be an efficient and reliable organization, responding to the needs of the population regarding technical solutions to dwellings, constituting the link between the client and other entities for the legality of the same ones, backed by a high professionalism, quality and respect with the goal of achieving the path to excellence.

    Social purpose

    1. To provide project and engineering technical services in new buildings or housing extensions up to three floors, interior design and rehabilitation projects for buildings of any height level.

    2. To offer services for the preparation of technical reports and consultancies. Moreover, work control to the population and housing programs to satisfy their housing needs and improve their habitat.