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    Presentation of the entity

     LOGO CON ESLOGAN mas chiquita para webThe Provincial Construction Company obeys the construction works to stop the deterioration of the Province's housing found, with a continuous improvement in quality, characterized by grouping together a selected human capital with a sense of possessions and open defenders of the Revolution.

    Stop the deterioration of the Province's housing fund, promoting the Conservation, Renovation, and Construction of buildings, as well as other works of Construction programs with Social impact, with competitive costs, taking full advantage of the potential capacities of the attached Productive Units; promoting the development of the innovation process, with adequate training and guaranteeing attention to mankind as the most precious resource, to contribute to raising the standard of living of the population and obtaining increasing net income.

    We are a company that achieves continuous quality improvement, using different processes that make it up, capable of satisfying in a timely manner the needs of conservation, renovation, and construction of the housing fund and other social works in the province, with total priority to the health and adaptation. We guide the training and development of Human Resources, based on environmental education, to control the negative impact of activities. The Provincial Construction Company is ethically characterized by grouping together a Human Capital that has been selected, not only for its productive activity, but also for being a group of people with a sense of possessions and open defenders of the Revolution.

    The social object of the Provincial Construction Company

    Provide civil construction and assembly services for new works, buildings and facilities, demolition, dismantling, remodeling, restoration, reconstruction and renovation of buildings, facilities and other existing objectives, as well as construction repair and maintenance.

    Subordination Level: Provincial Administration Council

    Provincial Administration Council